Why the J. CREW store layout works


1. Suggestive selling or selling the entire look. Each display showing clearly how to style the look complete with shoes, bags, hats, jewlery, scarves, and bandanas. 

2. Breathability.

  • There is alot of walking room. I never felt crowded even by the associates. The displays were given plenty of space. 
  • The walls were clean white
  • Everything was cleanly lit

3. Set up was very museum-esk. This is may favorite feature. This method of display I would argue is different than a boutique or gallery. 

  • Jewlery in clean glass cases but not as if to deter theift but as a tool for viewing
  • Placards placed on tables with info on the items 

4. Clearance was set up no differently than other displays. Second favorite feature. The clearance is located on the middle of the layout and had clean stylized displays. To me this makes the items much more desirable and less like cast aways. 

5. Flow of floor plan. Fun fact, shoppers upon entering a store tend to start off to the right. The floorplan is broken into quadrants. All seperating walls branch from the right which encourages a continual serpentine pattern accross the floor plan. 

Honorable mentions

° the themed decor shifted from a 70s chic in womens to very modern in men which shows the shift in demographic. 

° free thank you cards were offered at the tills. I think free anything keeps me coming back. 

° they offer a style guide. Its actually a catalogue but its published in a style guide way which I sinceraly prefer. 



Production costs of a suede collar

This is an assignment for the Parsons X TeenVogue fashion certification program. 

Instructions: use your inspirations photos and design an accessory item using unconventional material. 

I chose to make a collar necklace out of suede where traditionally lace or cotton is utilized. I choose a colorway of olive green, burnt orange, blue, and tan.

I made a pattern from muslin first then used the pattern to cut the suede. Its placed together with craft glue, which held up way better than I had anticipated. 

Part two: anaylize the production costs and find a suggested retail price.

The fit of jeans

Jean fit review for production standards.

Store: Dillards

Lucky jeans relaxed fit / mid rise

Fit one (size 10) – kinda stiff for a “relaxed fit.” The waist puckers at the tush. 

Fit two (size 10) – much tighter. But doesnt pucker in this pair. 

Lucky jeans relaxed fit / mis rise (different wash) 

Fit one (size 10) – stretches nicely. Definitely a different material.

Fit two (size 10) – no notable differences. 

Democracy / girlfriend fit (size 10) – fits nicely no puckering or loseness. 

Liverpool /straights (size 10) – best fit. Tush is lifted and there is no bunching on the lap area.


straights (size 10) – problem with camel toe. Tush is lifted and I definitely seem slimmer.

Jegging (size 4) – woah the pants are way too stretchy. I had to keep going down sizes to feel secure in the fit. Still a problem with  camel toe.

I used to sell jeans at a Dillards a few years ago. I already knew that jeans fit differently depending on brand and that each pair, even in the same size, will fit differently. It was my job to tell this to my shoppers and encourage them not to give ugetting the perfect fit.  

Inspiration Explosion Activity

This is an assignment for the Parsons X TeenVogue fashion certification program.

Clear a table. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Dash around and gather up items that speak to you. Set the timer for 5 minutes again. Manipulate the items and move them around. Write down key words and one idea to write, make, design etc. 

For me the key words ,

  • Unapologetic
  • Country
  • Seek

The idea: multi-colored paint spatter t-shirt. 

This is a fun activity. I recommend it to anyone seeking inspiration. 

How to Create a Project Tracker using Post-its

Im currently a student with Parsons Teen Vogue fashion certificate program. I finally completed all the videos and now im on my way to getting the assignments done. 

I wanted to create a management system for my assignments which started off with a binder and all the assignments listed by course and then by number of assignment. 

Still I was having an issue visualizing the work load. 

Heres how I started this project.


  • One poster board
  • Markers
  • Post its of various colors
  • Masking tape
  1. I started with the sticky notes. I made one for each assignment. After this is done.
  2. I drew out my poster with scrap paper. Fot the columns I chose assignments, in progress, & turned in. I also played around with an on deck column for the assignments I wanted to do next. 
  3. I had to size out the assignments column to make sure all the post its would fit and marked with a pencil the start of the column. All the assignments start on the first column. Then split the 2nd half if the board into rows since columns would have been tight on space. 
  4. Then I added the assignments to the assignment column. 
  5. As I am focusing on a certain assignment, i mive that post-it to the in progress row. After completing the assignment the post-it moves to the turned in row.

My wall has vertical moldings which is why the poster is split.

Now I have a useful chart in the middle of my living room. Not only does it serve as an assignment tracker but its also a friendly reminder to actually get work done. 

5 Tips for Becoming More Creative

By Hannah Lane

Writers block isnt exclusive to writers. Anything that involves a personal one of a kind perspective it can be difficult putting pen to paper. Especially if you’re new at what ever it is you are trying to master.

Song writing, painting, tattoo design, interior design, fashion design, poetry, fiction…

Here are some tips to get the flow going. 

  1. Keep a notebook with you to write your thoughts down. You may talk yourself out of scribbling that thought down because you’ll remember when you get home. … You wont. Write it down. Trust me. 
  2. Surround yourself with things you love. Music, art, articles, people. Push yourself look deeper into why these things are important to you. closely intrepret the art and seek the truth. 
  3. Let yourself fall in love. Feel a full range of emotions. Its the human experience and its what makes anything beautiful and real. 
  4. Learn your passion. Read books and follow blogs. Learn the ins and outs of the industry especially if you plan to make money from your talent. 
  5. Finish your projects.  Even if you decide you hate it and it will never have an audience. Its a really good practice and you’ll learn from your struggle.

    You have value in your creative work. Creating is your biography and is the most accurate representation of who you are. So dont stop. 

    Much love. 


    Im creating my fashion focused checklist. Goal to get all crossed off my list by new years (2018)

    • Blog 4 x or more a month
    • Illustrate 4 x or more per month
    • Master the soft white t-shirt design
    • Get a power suit
    • Wear bold lip color
    • Get my Fashion Certificate from parsons teen vogue program
    • Wear beautiful shoes
    • Follow more fashion news
    • Get degree in Arts
    • Practice pattern making
    • Take more photographs (dont let the pressure of not having a perfect body stop me) 
    • Make bold choices
    • Above all, look effortless

      Hannah Lane