Striped Purse 👛 


Designed originally with suede in mind
Made first from muslin. Defiantly some design errors.
Bobby pins turned out to be my most useful tools. I used them to keep the glued pieces together.
Finished product. I’m overall very please with the put come, especially since its my first handmade purse.
Production costs

Why the J. CREW store layout works


1. Suggestive selling or selling the entire look. Each display showing clearly how to style the look complete with shoes, bags, hats, jewlery, scarves, and bandanas. 

2. Breathability.

  • There is alot of walking room. I never felt crowded even by the associates. The displays were given plenty of space. 
  • The walls were clean white
  • Everything was cleanly lit

3. Set up was very museum-esk. This is may favorite feature. This method of display I would argue is different than a boutique or gallery. 

  • Jewlery in clean glass cases but not as if to deter theift but as a tool for viewing
  • Placards placed on tables with info on the items 

4. Clearance was set up no differently than other displays. Second favorite feature. The clearance is located on the middle of the layout and had clean stylized displays. To me this makes the items much more desirable and less like cast aways. 

5. Flow of floor plan. Fun fact, shoppers upon entering a store tend to start off to the right. The floorplan is broken into quadrants. All seperating walls branch from the right which encourages a continual serpentine pattern accross the floor plan. 

Honorable mentions

° the themed decor shifted from a 70s chic in womens to very modern in men which shows the shift in demographic. 

° free thank you cards were offered at the tills. I think free anything keeps me coming back. 

° they offer a style guide. Its actually a catalogue but its published in a style guide way which I sinceraly prefer.